Advantage of cng over petrol and diesel cars essay

This makes it perfect for getting heavy loads moving. This does come at a cost, though, because diesel-powered cars are usually a little more expensive to purchase than gas-powered cars.

This is because the fuel consumption — and therefore savings — for the smaller vehicles is lower, and at the same time the cost of conversion does not go down much with vehicle size.

Comparision of Petrol Vs CNG – Advantages and Disadvantages

Natural gas, unlike liquid fuels, cannot be siphoned from a vehicle. Demand is always a factor in prices and diesel fuel is mostly used for commercial trucks, home and industrial generators and heating oil.

Because even if you purchased a low cost petrol car or vehicle, within one year itself you may have to spend too much money for fuel and other terms of work to make your petrol car well stable. In the first place let us list the energy content of the fuels you mention.

Where are CNG Vehicles used now. Natural gas has a octane rating, compared with 87 to 96 octane rating of Petrol. The engine thermal efficiency is a function of many different factors but perhaps the most important one is the engine compression ratio.

The only way a gasoline-powered car can compete with the fuel economy of a diesel is when it is paired with an electric motor. Having established how much energy you get from the different fuels and how efficiently the different engines can use the fuels, you will be able find out how much they cost and then work out a cost per km or mile.

Power stroke In this CNG vehicles experience less knocking, no vapor locking, and since natural gas is already in a gaseous state, CNG vehicles have superior starting even under severe cold or hot weather conditions.

As a fuel, natural gas is convenient and efficient. Difference between CNG and Petrol explained Below, I have provided the major difference that bring in-front you pros and cons of both fuel variants: As far as fuel energy comparisons go and this does not take into account the different engine efficiencies1 kg of CNG is equivalent to about 1.

The main reason for the differences is the variation in limiting CR for the different fuels. Compressed natural gas CNG refueling stations are available across the United States with new stations opening daily.

Petroleum is known as the fossil fuel that is formed in larger quantity out of dead and decaying organisms such as algea and zooplankton that is buried under sediment rock and exposed to excessive heat and pressure.

Intervals between tune-ups for natural gas vehicles are extended 30, to 50, miles. Why naturally choose CNG or LPG over petrol or diesel Ask a CNG or LPG kit user if they are ever unhappy about switching from petrol or diesel and the answer will always be 'no'.

What are the advantage of CNG over petrol and diesel engine? Answer: CNG engines create less pollution than petrol and diesel engines. As it is using compress natural gas power develops more than the others and also develops more torque in the engine. which leads to give a lower fuel consumption.

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The Benefits of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Vehicles

the Middle East has been monopolizing the supply of petroleum and oil prices predicted to continue to soar Compressed natural gas (CNG) is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline (petrol), Diesel fuel, or propane/LPG.

Consisting mostly of methane, CNG is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Here are five advantages of electric cars over petrol and diesel cars.

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Comparision of Petrol Vs CNG – Advantages and Disadvantages

This is indeed a clear advantage over the petrol and diesel cars. Best CNG Cars; Best Diesel Hatchbacks. The fuel change over switch allows the driver to switch from gasoline to CNG in just a push of a button.

CNG conversion kits usually do not include the CNG tank or cylinder as well as the cylinder valve. What are the advantage of CNG over petrol and diesel engine? Answer: CNG engines create less pollution than petrol and diesel engines. Advantage of Cng over Petrol and Diesel Cars.

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Advantage of cng over petrol and diesel cars essay
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Advantages and Benefits of Compressed Natural Gas CNG as an Alternative Fuel for Vehicles