China and indias youth demographics and trends essay

Policy choices have contributed greatly to the lower fertility rate. Eberstadt, a Senior Advisor to NBR and a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, argues that while India will benefit from a surge in highly educated manpower, to fully realize these gains it must acknowledge the significant portion of its population that is still impoverished and illiterate.

In existence since World War IIit includes well-publicized family-planning services, legalized abortionand the provision of contraceptive devices.

While China currently has a universal marriage norm, in less than a generation a fifth or more of men in their late 30s or early 40s may be essentially unmarriageable. In the census, the U. Appropriate policies, strategies and programs need to be put into place immediately.

East Asiacurrently the most populous region, has a relatively low growth rate. A single illness in a poor family can push a family below the poverty line. No other countries are even close in scale to these two.

In general, every doubling of per capita income tracks with a quadrupling of patents per person with a higher education.

India's Youth -- A Blessing or a Curse

One can take the pool of men aged 15—24 with a high school education or better as the proxy for manpower suitable for mobilization for the wars of today and tomorrow. Their economies combined hunting and gathering with sedentary or shifting cultivation the cultivation of new land for each successive crop.

Another version of this opinion piece appeared in the Hindustan Times. Some men of the Chota Nagpur hill region of eastern India, who formerly engaged in hunting and practiced shifting cultivation, now work in the steel mills of Jamshedpur.

Is this an ominous sign of social upheaval that looms in the horizon. Measuring scientific-technological capabilities is a complex proposition. It is still possible to identify the region in which the Yukaghir formerly lived as a separate culture group in eastern Siberia, but—for the several hundred Yukaghir who remain—political absorption, acculturationand internal social decay have made the classic description of the group largely a historic one.

Today, nearly half of Chinese income is spent on clothes and food. These are personal views of the authors. Contemporary trends There is a great variation in population growth rates in Asia.

Given the coming surge of highly skilled Indian manpower, there will be no shortage of such candidates. It is one of the very fastest growing groups in the United States, and one of the very most successful. In China, Han ethnic Chinese hold most positions of power.

Increased focus on wellbeing is already evident today, with spending on personal health care having doubled between and and expected to continue increasing into the foreseeable future.

Currently the majority of Indian workers - nine out of ten - are in the informal sector, where employment is unsteady, pay is poor and social security is lacking.

Perhaps most importantly, China has a dramatic edge over India on mass educational attainment. This is more than the United States, nearly twice as many as Japan, and well over twice as many as Russia. By the midth century, the Soviet Union and China had extended their economic and political control over Siberia and Central Asia, the former colonial lands of South Asia had achieved independent statehood, and the component territories of the old Ottoman Empire had been reshaped into the modern countries of Southwest Asia.

So Population explosion will somehow benefit in India considering in mind its growing economy. India is about half a century behind China in eliminating illiteracy. Market towns and cities were scattered over the countryside, and many small port towns dotted the seacoasts.

As the world continues to grow richer, fertility is predicted to drop significantly by China will be aging very rapidly over the decades immediately ahead. This is because the overwhelming majority of the people inhabiting India in are already alive and living there today.

They invested in education and skills, health, empowerment and employment and ensured women joined the workforce, as they were empowered to plan their families. In the former Soviet Union and present-day Russiaethnic Russians have been the dominant group. Is this an ominous sign of social upheaval that looms in the horizon.

Supplying Europe with raw materials, which was to characterize the early 20th century, also commenced at that time.

Those variations across Asia reflect differences in culture, religioneducation, economic development, and government policies.

India's Youth -- A Blessing or a Curse

Even posting steady educational progress, India will still lag far behind China in attainment levels twenty years from now. The gross enrolment ratio for girls at the secondary school level is. Read this essay on China and India’s Youth Demographics and Trends.

Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at". Feb 29,  · Whether India's youth will be a blessing or a curse, a demographic dividend or a disaster, firmly rests in the hands of the government and the pro-youth policies it implements.

Demographic trends Asia constitutes roughly one-third of the world’s land area and is home to about three-fifths of its population.

The continent includes the two most populous countries, China and India, which together account for nearly two-fifths of all people.

Read this essay on China and India Trends Towards Western-Style Consumption. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

China and India Trends towards Western-Style Consumption Roseanna Lasley BUS Principles of Marketing Instructor Kristie Elmore China and India’s Youth Demographics and Trends.

HOME Free Essays China and India, Western Influence on Youth. China and India, Western Influence on Youth Essay. A. Pages: Over the last decade China and India have adopted trends from western-styles. These are two heavily populated countries and their youth are gravitate more to western styles.

We will write a custom essay sample on. It has been projected that in the near future the youth in China is going to be the main part of consumer spending in that country alone. The current population of the People’s Republic of China is estimated to be about 1,,

China and indias youth demographics and trends essay
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