Disadvantages of education through mother tongue

Why don't we spend time and money to let children learn basic concepts which are the foundation for all future learning, especially mathematics in English from the earliest grade - when it's natural and easy for them.

Using the mother tongue until Grade 6 should thus already be considered a compromise and is the bare minimum recommended. This shall create inefficiencies in learning and pose extra burden on non-Tagalog children.

Furthermore, mother tongue education—as witnessed by numerous pilot studies—shall improve learning of English and Filipino, thereby supporting their official functions.

Please see attached document for elaboration on this crucial concern. There are numerous advantages of the Internet in the field of education, like gaining information, news, historical data, communication, etc.

Research carried out between and revealed that the regions that perform best generally are those that spend more years using their mother tongue as the medium of instruction, and the poorest were those who spend the least number of years doing so.

English would be taught from the age of 10, with the option to introduce English-medium teaching later in secondary school. Adequate representation of the mother tongue has proven to foster cognitive, academic, language and socio-cultural development, and eases the process of learning other languages like English.

This is the model that the Philippines has used for most of its public education history. Therefore, images, graphics, animation, pictures, slides, documentaries, etc. Translation, too, has unveiled problems, such as which dialect of the language should be used in Bicol, for example, which varies in vocabulary and accent from place to place.

Bilingual Method of teaching English - Advantages, Disadvantages

It's sickening that learners who will eventually be taught in English maths and science, but it is introduced in Grade 4 where the learners have to switch to maths in English; even when many of them haven't yet mastered basic numbers, addition and subtraction, even in their mother tongue and now they have to start in English from scratch.

Debate around language is linked to heritage, self-identity, in an integrated world, we need not to be stuck up on not being flexible, as much as we embrace our mother tongue, we should make sure our children are taught in languages universal to the fields of maths and science.

Ultimately, mother tongue education is about creating a level playing field, about creating equal opportunities for all, regardless of economic status, ethnic background or geographic location. Extensive research on mother-tongue teaching and learning shows the cognitive advantages that accrue to such practice.

Yet a language policy for schools, inherited from the British empire, is undermining the effectiveness of state education and excluding many of the poorest from skills and training that could help them break out of poverty.

With these points, we find that the importance of Internet in education cannot be denied, and hence, every student should be given access to the Internet for deeper understanding and knowledge of a subject.

Fallacy of Teaching Maths and Science in Mother Tongue

This stems from both research and my personal experience of having done my first degree in French — a language with which I had first come into contact only some months prior to my first year and which I was still learning.

For example, they may speak one language with their mother, another with their father and a third with their grandparents. You never really knew what it was like to have freedom, as in proper adult freedom, so you don't have it to miss. May we earnestly request, before doing so, that you consider one further revision.

Short Paragraph on Education through Mother Tongue

Instrument of Emotional Development. There is no evidence that jumping to Filipino for two years shall facilitate the learning of these subjects nor ease the transition to English. While learning the foreign language, the same situations are created again in order to make the child learn the foreign language.

We may be able to communicate in any language, but creative self-expression is possible only in one's own mother tongue.

The 10 pros and cons of being a young mother

If it is not, cognitive development in the L1 — which in turn allows for effective skill development, including critical thinking and problem-solving skills in other languages — will suffer significantly.

Mother tongue education refers to any form of schooling that makes use of the language or languages that children are most familiar with. So many words and terms do not exist in indigenous languages and we should far rather use the academics we have to teach the students instead of trying to invent thousands of new terms.

The constitution does not specify the number of years the national and official languages must be used as mediums of instruction, it merely states that they are mediums of instruction. In this regard, the process of learning important global languages like English is made easier if children can begin learning in their mother tongue and strategically transfer to the new language at the appropriate time.

We avoid the situation where children are teased for using a different language, leading children to think negatively of their culture and heritage.

It was only in the 16th century that the first mathematics book was written in English. This is more useful for students who belong to communities not having English as their mother tongue.

Using multimedia and Internet provides an opportunity for children to gain knowledge about a particular subject in depth. Therefore, mother tongue must be given an important and prominent place in the school curriculum.

Coleman says his "wish list" for education reform has been positively received inside Pakistan. Hence the success of students whose mother tongue is not English or French may be compromised when they embark on university education at universities at which English or French is.

International Journal of Communication Research OVERUSING MOTHER TONGUE IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING There are, of course, many other influences at. The disadvantages of using the mother tongue as the method of instruction among primary school children is - they will be habitual to think and express their thoughts in mother tongue.

interest in promoting mother tongue-based education, and to the wide variety of models, tools, and resources now being developed and tested to promote learning programmes in the mother tongue. However, most examples focus on the primary school level. Few empirical studies or well. approach has been adopted to facilitate learning through a second language with mother tongue playing a supplementary role.

Viewed against this background, the implementation of the policy of teaching of advocates of mother tongue education. Rationale of the Policy. What are some disadvantages of the mother tongue?

Books for mother tongue education InUNESCO decided to launch an International Mother Language Day UNESCO’s Member States worldwide are key actors in the promotion of mother tongues through their national institutions and associations. The media, schools, universities .

Disadvantages of education through mother tongue
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