Essay on technology and rural india

It represents planned programmes to improve the quality of the life-style of the ruralites. Cottage industries should receive encouragement. There is extreme poverty everywhere. They should be made to use better seeds, chemical fertilizers and scientific methods of agriculture.

They are as follows: The functioning of the co-operative societies goes a long way in improving the conditions of the vulnerable sections of the rural set-up.

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Developers do not realize that chulha is still a chulha, even if it is slightly better. Every village should be equipped with a hospital and a charitable dispensary for providing proper medical aid to the villagers.

Essay on Rural Development

The principle aims of technology policy statement are as- i To attain technological competence and self reliance, reduce vulnerability, particularly in strategic and critical areas, make the maximum use of indigenous resources. For their solution, intelligent guidance of both the government and the people is needed.

Industrialists in India take technology to be a one-time purchase, not a process. Rural development seeks to transform all the sectors of rural economy — the primary sector, the secondary sector and the tertiary sector. This attitude needs to change, and, of late, is changing.

While formulating these programmes the opinions, attitudes, drives and interests of the rural people should be taken into account.

The Odisha model also has some important lessons for the use of geospatial technology. To improve the economic condition of the villagers, agriculture must be modernized. Good libraries should be provided in every village. However, Indian businessmen might have to be provided with more incentives to adopt indigenous technologies.

Further, dedicated and committed village leaders should come forward to guide the masses for bringing about rural development.

This is considered to be a lop-sided view of understanding rural development. The foreign patent filing was in and Indian patent filing was up from besides 25 copyrights for software and 16 trademarks being obtained indicating the emergence of CSIR in the domains of other forms of industrial property as well.

If we want to see real India, we must go the village. The following points will highlight the existing situation: An example will illustrate this point. Indigenous technology may thus find a better local market.

The condition of villages is pitiable. It not only offers technologies off the shelf but also develops specific technologies on sponsorship from the user industry.

Roads and other means of communication in the rural areas should be improved. Further, CSIR has filed several patents, both in India and abroad, and exploiting these is bound to be commercially lucrative. Satyanarayan rightly observe that integrated rural development embraces all the activities of enrichment and betterment of the overall quality of rural life through appropriate development of man power, resources, infrastructural facilities and provisions of minimum needs and livelihood.

The essential aspects of rural development are as follows: For this, night schools should be started. It has led to change in their lives. The present essay focuses on the Gandhian Model of promoting rural technology and its role in promoting rural education across India.

The features of the model have been discussed first followed by its implementation in the form of technological innovations for rural development.

Brief Essay on Rural Development in India (696 Words)

The importance of. Rural India has not been able to take advantage of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). In this paper, we will discuss the benefits rural population can derive from E-commerce.

Innovation in Rural India: IT role

We will also take up cases in India and other countries where e-commerce has made considerable difference in.

Home essay on mobile Mobile Technology in Rural Area Short Essay On Mobile in rurala rea technology use of mobile Mobile Technology in Rural Area essay on mobile, Mobile Technology in Rural Area. It has spread in every nook and corner of rural India because of the convenience of easy availability of spare parts and a large number of repair facilities.

it should be pointed out that in any such discussion about rural technology development and propagation, the question boils down to whom this technology is for. Majority of India still lives in villages and so the topic of rural education in India is of utmost importance. Use of technology in rural education of India.

speech, essay. Rural Development refers to process of improving or uplifting the living conditions of the people living in rural areas.

The importance of the Rural Development: The people of India live mostly in.

Rural education in India Essay on technology and rural india
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