Logistics and core competencies

Another important issue in many industries is zero returns. When a company receives returned product, much of it will be sold off to companies in the secondary market. But at the macro level, everything is global—and has been for some time. Sears started in a small train station in Minnesota, while JCPenney began as a tiny general store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

It illustrated "that it's now time to take ownership of your customer's customer and your supplier's supplier," Reigel says. Effectively plan what is to be achieved and properly coordinate and involve all relevant stakeholders. Core Competency and Retail Business While customer service can apply as a core competency in both the goods are services industries, certain activities are more exclusive to certain sectors, such as the sale of goods.

The Path Forward Firms need to care deeply about how they manage product that did not sell in the primary channels. Regardless of whether a product is intended to be sold and then recycled or disposed of in a landfill, systems must in place to ensure proper handling.

They arrive at the distribution center or retail outlet like clockwork. Measures such as amount of product to be reclaimed and resold as is, or percentage of material recycled, are examples of such metrics.

Cycle times can be an important measure of reverse logistics.

Integrated Warehouse and Distribution Management

One popular approach to assure brand equity protection is for the company or its 3PL to video the actual product disposition, which often entails destruction of the product. In addition to the revenue aspect, secondary markets provide other important benefits.

For this trade, our service contracts and volume commitments with the steamship lines will ensure that we are able to offer a very competitive rates and space guarantees. What all of these terms basically mean is that the customer does not physically return the item. Some go-to-market strategies will dictate how the firm should handle product returns.

They know that customer satisfaction holds the key to long-term success and that enabling them to return products without penalty is a big part of the equation. Disposition of a mature product that is nearing the end of its lifecycle will likely differ from that of successful new product introduction.

Becoming a competency-based organization requires commitment in terms of time, capital, and change. It is important to demonstrate your ability to display how you chose the best course of action by using logic, judgment, and data.

Drilling Down to Core Competencies

What's more, they have invited "chief supply chain officers" into the circle. The sleek and chic stores of an upscale mall would quickly look like thrift outlets. Is the firm maximizing the profitability of product that did not sell well or has been returned by consumers. A major one is inventory turns.

The first, and often most important attribute, is the quality of the product being returned. It is obvious that the goal of manufacturing and shipping new product forward is to get it all the way to the retailer and ultimately the consumer.

Is it being delivered on time.

6 Must Have Logistics Competencies for Supply Chain Professionals

As every good supply chain manager knows, the fewer times you touch an item—and the shorter and cleaner the process—the better the result.

There's a whole element of risk management and quickly being able to work with people on the other side of the supply chain.

In some organizations, in fact, it is actually viewed as an embarrassment. Historically, most of the attention paid to product management has focused on the introductory phase or on the volume-shipping portion of the product life cycle. Importance of Metrics To monitor progress against its reverse logistics plan, a company needs metrics that measure the financial impact of returns on the firm and on other members of the supply chain.

Ensuring that your suppliers behave responsibly is part of effective risk mitigation and brand preservation. Anyone whose firm is directly doing business overseas should study languages, recommends Nora Neibergall, senior vice president for certification and standards at the Institute for Supply Management.

Competencies are an integral part of the recruiting and hiring process for new employees. Percentage of cost recovered: Our worldwide partners are as committed as us in providing our customers with a high quality, efficient and a total logistics service anywhere in the world.

Finally, regardless of your particular industry segment, one of the core reverse logistics competencies is the ability to track the movement of products and components—both in the forward and reverse channels.

The AWS Competency Program is designed to highlight APN Partners who have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer. Distribution and Logistics Managers Knowledge Areas and Technical Competencies represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by distribution and logistics managers.

̥ Risk management Transportation, distribution, logistics.

Summary of Qualifications vs. Core Competencies

Core Competencies Integrated Warehouse and Distribution Management DEMAR Integrated Warehouse and Distribution Management services offer a highly efficient and reliable resource for managing a variety of supply chain challenges.

Companies and their supply chain managers can no longer afford to treat reverse logistics as an afterthought. There is just too much at stake in terms of brand protection, sustainability requirements, and ultimately profitability.

In short, reverse logistics needs to become a core competency. The practical insights offered here will help you. Kinetix International is an experienced project logistics and global mobility company with core competencies in the areas of Domestic & International Household Goods Moving, Cargo & Logistics Sourcing and Corporate Relocation Management.

Dedicated Capacity Logistics. About Us. Dupré Logistics operates more than trucks, employs over professional drivers in its dedicated fleets, and has established a network of over 10, preferred carriers through a stringent carrier approval process.

Logistics and core competencies
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