Wbs process-oriented approach in writing advantages

Chapman, All rights reserved. This results from one person trying to understand the details of work that will be performed by a number of people over a period of time.

Out of this brainstorm session should come a first draft of the project WBS. When you use the decomposition process to create your WBS, you are less prone to adding items that are outside of the project scope.

A project manager may find it useful to know how much it took to design major work element a product after it had been completed so that the data can be used for future analogous estimating. When completed, each WBS element should contain the following four items: This takes time in the beginning, but ultimately it affords the project manager better control of costs and deadlines, thus saving time.

This allows the team members to fully understand the what, when, why and how of the desired results at each phase of the project. It is often portrayed graphically as a hierarchical tree, however, it can also be a tabular list of "element" categories and tasks or the indented task list that appears in your Gantt chart schedule.

The logical theme could be project phases, functional areas, or major end-products. Experience teaches that everyone takes a slightly different slice of the apple, so make sure WBS arguments seeking metaphysical certainty are quickly brought to closure.

For instance, the Suez Canal is a concessional type of project where the expected result is the Suez Canal where ships can pass through the Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea. The process involves these three main steps: The risks are usually tracked in a project log, reviewed during project execution, and minimised when necessary.

With a defined work breakdown structure, the team also enjoys a greater level of transparency. It will be helpful if you can map the charge numbers, managers, and task groups to each other.

Out of this brainstorm session should come a first draft of the project WBS. The tasks at the lowest hierarchical level define unit s of work that can be unambiguously defined and whose time, cost and resource requirements can be accurately computed.

WBS Format for System Development Projects Additional level 2 elements not shown here might include development environment support, logistics and training, and installation and startup.

This information provides a complete basis for task identification, sequencing, estimating, and schedule development. Remember that our brains can simultaneously comprehend only 7 to 9 items at a time. Larger projects will assemble larger work packages that can be appropriately managed and controlled.

There are essentially two ways to create a Work Breakdown Structure — the top-down or the bottom-up approach. This will help you track costs and progress for each manager. Determine whether you want to build a WBS that is process oriented or product oriented. Think of the software development project where the deliverable of a training program is not articulated as in, or out of, scope.

There is minimal confusion among project members when this technique is used. A complete WBS will help ensure that all deliverables are defined and agreed to by the sponsor. Likewise, such overlap is likely to cause confusion regarding project cost accounting.

A sample WBS is shown in the figure below:. the process-oriented approach emphasizes that writing itself is a developmental process that creates self-discovery and meaning. While the mechanical aspects of writing are important. WBS Types (Work Breakdown Structure) In this type, a “rolling wave” approach is adopted and only the near-term phase is planned in detail.

Other WBS types may include organization-types, geographical-types, cost breakdown. The WBS was initially defined as a product oriented family tree, however subsequent definitions have introduced more flexibility -- so a WBS can also be deliverable or process oriented.

Advantages of Work Breakdown Structure in Project Management

Your WBS can be built on nouns or verbs. If the results of your project are primarily verbs, then a verb based or process based WBS may make more sense. If your WBS is to be product or deliverable oriented, then you can start by thinking of the WBS. A work breakdown structure (WBS) is a project management tool designed to capture project tasks in a visual, organized manner.

The WBS was originally developed by the US Department of Defense, which mandated their use across the DoD. The top-down approach, in my opinion, generates a complete and more accurate WBS. In this approach, the WBS is derived by decomposing the overall project into sub-projects or lower-level tasks.

In this approach, the WBS is derived by decomposing.

WBS Types (Work Breakdown Structure)

Project WBS: Different Types, Uses and Tools. Updated on November 9, Pmresource. more. "Division of labor is a management approach based on the breaking up of a process into a series of small tasks so that each task can be assigned to a different worker.".

Wbs process-oriented approach in writing advantages
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Work Breakdown Structure